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Schema : Product Schema

pass rich schema results like Product information like, price, ratings, reviews, stock availability, etc to SERPs.

Sanjay Makasana
Written by Sanjay MakasanaLast update 3 months ago

Product Schema

  • Purpose:

    Displays product information such as price, ratings, reviews, and stock status in SERPs.

  • How to Enable:

    1. Select 'Product Schema' from the schema list.

    2. Click 'Enable' and enter details such as :

    A. The corrected money format.
    We have 5 major money formats available :
    a. Amount. (1,134.65)
    b. Amount_No_Decimal (1,134)
    c. Amount with comma separated (1.134,65)
    d. Amount_no_decimals_with_comma_seperator (1.135)

    e. Amount_with_apostrophe_seperator (1'134.65)

    Select the money format that you are using in your store. You may check & confirm it in your general store setting.

    B. Select the Correct review app you are using for gathering your product reviews.

    The above screenshot shows you the 15 plus different review apps listed that have integration with Webrex SEO Optimizer.

    Note: If the app you are using is not listed within the list then I request you to contact our app support.

    3. Save the configuration to implement the product schema.

Next is to know about schema-related troubleshooting that you may check under collection - TroubleShooting.

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