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Schema : Organizational Schema

Use organization-structured data to let Google know about your organization's administrative details, for example, logo, address, contact information, and business identifiers.

Sanjay Makasana
Written by Sanjay MakasanaLast update 4 months ago

Organization Schema:

  • Purpose:

    Specifies the image used for an organization's logo in search results.

  • How to Enable:

    1. Select 'Organization Schema' in the schema list.

    2. Click 'Enable' and fill in organizational details such as :
    A. Business Name: The merchant needs to add its business name or the store name.
    B. Description: In this field merchant needs to add a small description about the business.
    C. Store URL: In this merchant needs to write the shop URL or the Shopify URL.
    D. Logo: Put your business logo.
    E. Merchant needs to mention the complete Address - Street Address, City

    State, Country,Zip Code, Telephone.
    F. Social Profile URLs: Add your social profile URLs like Twitter Profile URL, Facebook Profile URL, Instagram Profile URL, Pinterest Profile URL, and LinkedIn profile URL.
    G. Review: If your business has reviews then choose yes and share details like: Total Reviews Count, Average Rating Value, Best Rating Value, Worst Rating Value.

    3. Save the settings to implement the organization schema.

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