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Schema : Local Business Schema

This passes your business details to Google SERPs

Sanjay Makasana
Written by Sanjay MakasanaLast update 4 months ago

Local Business Schema:

  • Purpose: Provides detailed business information like hours, departments, reviews, and more.

  • How to Enable:

    • Choose 'Local Business Schema' from the schema list.

    • Click 'Enable' and provide details like :

      A. Business Image: Here merchants need to add two images related to their business the images can be like product images or Logos.
      B. Business Name: Here merchants need to give their business name or store name.

      C. Business Type: From the drop-down merchants need to select the correct business type.

      D. Price Range: Merchants need to fill out the price range here for example '$10-50', or currency signs - '$$$

      E. Street Address: Merchants need to fill out the street address of the business.
      F. Locality: Enter the city where the business is located.
      G. Region: Enter the state or province.
      F. Postal Code: Merchants need to fill out the pin code or zip code.
      G. Telephone: Merchants need to mention the contact number.
      H. Working Days: Merchants need to mark the checkboxes to show the working days.
      I. Opening Time / Closing Time: Enter the opening time/ Closing time of the business.

    • Save the settings to enable local business information in search results.

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