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Meta Tags : Automation

This article guides the merchant on how they can apply automation to edit meta tags and Alt text for the products whenever they are newly added.

Sanjay Makasana
Written by Sanjay MakasanaLast update 3 months ago

This section automates the process of editing meta tags and descriptions. Merchants apply automation to edit meta tags and Alt text for the products whenever they are newly added. The Feature is limited to Premium users only.

  • Setup Process:

    • Click on "Add Automation".

    • Fill the settings module like Define automation title, status, and select resources (currently limited to products).

    • Option to generate meta tags and descriptions using AI (requires credits).
      Remember - If you have sufficient AI meta credits available then only this will work as there is a limitations of AI credits.
      a. Free User gets - 5 AI Meta Credits
      b. Monthly Subscribers get - 50 AI Meta Credits
      c. Yearly subscribers get - 600 AI Meta Credits.

      d. In case the credits are over then the same will get renewed as per the base plan the merchant has like monthly & yearly.
      e. Premium Users can purchase extra credits as well as 10 AI Credits for 1$.

      Also please NOTE: Depending on the base plan the merchant has there is a limitation on the number of Products for which the merchant can edit Meta tags, descriptions & ALT text. example: For a $ 14.99/ monthly plan merchant can edit up to 1000 products only.

    • Set a Meta-focus Keyword and other variables for the Meta Title and Description.

      Here are some examples for writing Meta titles & Description :

      1. Apple AirPods 2nd Gen

      • Meta Title: Apple AirPods 2nd Gen: True Wireless Earbuds

      • Meta Description: Immerse in exceptional sound with ${title}. Enjoy seamless connectivity, a long-lasting battery, and unmatched wireless convenience. get it at a reasonable price at {storeName}. Save 10%.

      2. SanDisk Cruze Blade 64GB pendrive

      • Meta Title: SanDisk Cruze Blade SDCZ50 64 GB Pen Drive | Buy Now

      • Meta Description: Get the  ${title} at [Store Name]. Explore reliable storage with fast data transfer. Choose from versatile ${variantOption1}  ${variantOption2}  ${variantOption3} for all your digital needs.

    • Edit Image Alt Text using predefined variables.

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