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Meta Tag : Overview

This article will give a brief overview of Meta tag features and will explain the product category of the feature

Sanjay Makasana
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The Meta Tags feature in the Webrex SEO Optimizer app is designed to enhance the SEO performance of merchant websites. It offers comprehensive tools for editing and automating meta tags, meta descriptions, and image alt texts. This feature is divided into three main categories: Products, Automation, and Bulk Operation.

1. Products
This section offers a detailed view and editing options for meta tags associated with individual products.

  • Table View: Displays products in a tabular format, including details like last modified date, total issues, SEO score, and available actions.

  • Add Filter & Search: Merchants can now apply advanced filters to search or look for the products for which they want to edit meta tags, descriptions, and image Alt text. Merchants can filter based on the error labels, SEO Score, Product type, vendor, status tag, and collection.

  • Editing Options: By clicking "Fix," merchants can access a settings module divided into subcategories:

    1. General SEO: Allows editing of meta tags and descriptions. It includes character limits (60 for Meta Title, 160 for Meta Description) and the requirement for a focus keyword.
      Focus Keyword - This is the search term you want your post or page to be ranked for in the search engines.
      NEW: Now merchants can also write product descriptions whose length must be more than 500 characters

    2. Image Alt Text: Enables merchants to edit alt text for product images.

    3. GSC Keyword Analysis: Provides trending keyword suggestions for SEO improvement. Requires integration with a console account (available with premium app).

    4. History: Divided into Meta-History (tracking changes in meta tags) and AI History (showing the history of AI-generated meta titles, descriptions, and focus keywords).

      Note: Depending on the base plan the merchant has there is a limit on products for which the merchant can edit meta tags and ALT text.
      Here is the list :
      $14.99 ⇒ 1000 Product, 1000 Image optimization, AI ⇒ 100

      $29.99 ⇒ 3000 Product, 3000 Image optimization, AI ⇒ 300

      $49.99 ⇒ 5000 Product, 5000 Image optimization, AI ⇒ 500

      $199.99 ⇒ 50000 Products, 10000 Image optimization, AI ⇒ 2000 (unlimited plan )

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