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Exciting news! We've successfully optimized our collection page to maximize its effectiveness. With this enhancement, you can now elevate your collection page and achieve a perfect SEO score of up to 100%

Arpan Juneja
Written by Arpan JunejaLast update 12 days ago

Here is the Complete Collection Page Loom Guidance Video:

Q: Who can access the collection page feature?
A: Access to the collection page is exclusively available to users on our premium plan. Whether you opt for the premium monthly plan or the premium yearly plan, you'll gain access to this feature.

Q: How do I determine whether to perform a Sync operation or Re-sync operation before starting?
A: If you're accessing the collection page feature for the first time, initiate the sync operation. This action syncs data from Shopify based on your specified limits. Please note, that bulk operations are limited to processing 1000 data per bulk operation.

As for the Re-sync option, it should only be performed when you suspect a discrepancy between our app's data and Shopify's records. Otherwise, there's no need for frequent Re-syncing.

Q: Can I also optimize the Image Alt Text for Collection Page SEO?
A: Absolutely! Optimizing Image Alt Text in the collection page is crucial for enhancing your collection rankings. You have the flexibility to set Image Alt text manually for each product or utilize our bulk feature for efficiency using the AI as well using Manual Attributes. This optimization significantly contributes to improved SEO performance and higher rankings for your collection page.

Bulk Operation of Image Alt Text Using AI

Bulk Operation of Image Alt Text Using Manual Selectors Attributes

Similar to optimizing Image Alt Text, you can streamline collection page optimization by utilizing our bulk feature. Whether you prefer AI-driven optimization or manual selection of attributes, this functionality significantly reduces manual effort and saves time.

Powered by OpenAI 4.0 Chat GPT, our system ensures accurate results, further enhancing the efficiency of your optimization process.

Explore our Next article where we introduced automation for both product and collection pages. This automation seamlessly applies whenever you list new products through your Shopify admin.

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