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Image Optimization : Bulk Operation

This help article will brief you on how merchants can run bulk operations to optimize your images

Sanjay Makasana
Written by Sanjay MakasanaLast update 4 months ago

Optimize multiple images at once for efficient image management.

In-Depth Bulk Operation Steps:

  1. Once you are logged into the Webrex SEO App.

  2. Click On Image Optimization on the left-hand menu.

  3. Look for the Bulk Operation tag and Click on the "Optimize Now" button to initiate the bulk operation.

  4. Choose your Compression Type and compression Format based on the quality and size requirements.

A. Compression Type :
a. Lossless-reduce the image size by up to 30% [Recomended One]. - Optimize your images to the extreme without changing a single pixel.
b. Lossy reduces the image size by up to 70% - usually not noticeable to the human eye)

B. Compression Format :
a. Convert all files as per image format - Great for collection of images with multiple formats.
b. Convert all files to webp [Recommended] - Best choice for compression while maintaining image quality and compatibility

c. Convert all files to jpg / jpe - This format is excellent for products and images with many colors

5. If resizing is needed, activate the toggle and set the desired dimensions.

  1. Execute the operation and await confirmation of completion.

Once the operation is run merchant may check all the optimized images under the "Product Image tab" with actions like " Re-optimize" and " Restore"

Note :

1. To carry out this automation merchant must have image optimization Credits available.
2. If merchants do not have enough image credits available on the account then the process will not be carried out.

3. One image will take one credit.
4. Merchant's credits will get renewed as per its base plan. If the base plan is a monthly subscription then credit will get renewed every month. If the base plan is a yearly subscription then credit will get renewed every year.
5. Merchants can buy extra Image credits that will cost 100 Images for $1.

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