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This article briefs you about how you can use the HTML Site map

Sanjay Makasana
Written by Sanjay MakasanaLast update 3 months ago

The HTML Sitemap feature of the Webrex SEO Optimizer App is designed to aid Shopify store owners in creating and managing HTML sitemaps for different categories within their stores. Here's an overview of this feature:

  1. Purpose: HTML sitemaps enable search engines to navigate and index the store more effectively, contributing to better search rankings and user experience.

  2. Feature Overview:

    • Merchants can generate sitemaps for various store categories including Products, Collections, Blogs, Articles, and Pages.

    • There is a limitation of creating up to 250 HTML sitemap links per category.

  3. Creating HTML Sitemaps:

    • Accessing Sitemap Settings: Log into the Webrex SEO Optimizer App dashboard and navigate to the 'HTML Sitemap' on the left menu.

    • Selecting Categories: In the HTML Sitemap section, check the boxes for each category for which you wish to create a sitemap.

    • Saving the Sitemap: After selecting the desired categories, click on the 'Save' button to generate the sitemaps for those categories.

      you will be able to see the sitemap created and below we have given the instructions on how you can add the footer.

      Now merchant can manage their HTML site map and Console site map from the same component under the sitemap.

  4. Conclusion: An HTML sitemap is essential for improving the SEO and navigability of your Shopify store, helping in the organization and SEO optimization of the online store.

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