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Optimizing Your Experience: Guidance for Managing Large Inventories with Our App

Discover strategies and step-by-step guidance for harnessing the full potential of our app when handling large inventories. Unlock valuable insights to streamline your inventory management process and enhance efficiency

Arpan Juneja
Written by Arpan JunejaLast update 11 days ago
  1. Direct Data Synching: we prioritize accuracy by syncing data directly into our database. This ensures the best possible results for your SEO efforts, as no other app does this

  2. Intuitive Dashboard Analysis: Our user-friendly dashboard offers easy-to-understand analysis, allowing you to identify errors promptly. With just a click, you can navigate directly to the problematic products or collections, ensuring optimal visibility for your inventory.
    3. Advanced Filtering: Gain precise insights into your SEO errors with our advanced filtering options. Whether it's on product pages or collection pages, you'll have unparalleled clarity to address any issues efficiently.
    4. Automation And Bulk Operation for Seamless Updates: Automation: Take the hassle out of manual updates by setting up automation through our platform. Any optimizations applied to product pages or collection pages will automatically extend to newly added products from your Shopify Admin that is whenever doing a new listing of products this will automatically optimized.

    Bulk Operation: Save Time with Bulk Operations: Easily Optimize Your Products and Collections!

    With our bulk operations feature, you can quickly optimize your products and collections, saving you valuable time. You have the option to utilize the powerful AI capabilities of ChatGPT OpenAI 4.0 Turbo version, or you can manually select based on the provided hints.

    Screenshot guide for easy reference!
    a) Using Manual Selector Attributes & Hints: In case you do not want to use the AI or you do not have sufficient credits for AI then you can use the manual selector attributes and hints
    b) Optimize your products with the powerful AI capabilities of ChatGPT OpenAI 4.0 Turbo version
    Helpful Note: Apply the same optimization steps and features from product pages to collection pages, including different advanced filters for collections tailored organization and efficiency.

    5. Comprehensive Guidance: To further assist you in maximizing the benefits of our platform, we provide detailed guidance videos for each step.
    Here is the Loom Guidance Video:

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